Precedente "Tu non sai niente Jon Snow " #luccacomix #lucca #gameofthrones #tronodispade #hbo #grandeinverno #winterfall #stark #winteriscoming #mountains #mountain #jonsnow #amazing #samsung #spettacolo #vsco by niccissino Successivo — I love these 2 so much 💗 Anyway, 20 facts about me 👇🏼 (I was tagged by the lovely @wildlingsthrone ) - 1- I'm a girl; 2- I'm 15 years old; 3- I'm 1.80 centimeters tall; 4- I'm Italian; 5- My eyes are grey; 6- My hair is brown; 7- I LOVE reading and watching films!; 8- My favorite series/ books are: The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones; 9- I like sports; 10- My favorite color is green; 11- My favorite singers are Sia and Taylor Swift; 12- I'm a Gryffindor and a Stark; 13- I hate 'fake' people; 14- I'm a good friend even if the others are good with me; 15- I never use makeup, but I like to be fashionable; 16- My favorite animal is the lion; 17- I love boys whit blonde hair; 18- I'm single; 19- My favorite social is Instagram; 20- I LOVE YOU ALL ❤️ - Write below If someone of you have something in common with me ☺️ by aryahorseface